Square - Prototype, 2022

Square is a multi-functional home accessory for keeping books upright, papers flat and doors open. Based on the ever useful speed square, (also called a rafter square or layout square) it’s solid aluminum body, stable base, and perfectly square reference surfaces are ideal for keeping objects in place.

Photos - Keillor MacLeod

1x1 - Exhibition, 2022

1x1 is a series of small lamps fabricated using galvanized steel mesh-an easily workable material commonly used for improvised enclosures. By strategically cutting and bending a single section of 1"x1" mesh, the lamps' functional structures are formed and the grid becomes a framework for applying diffusers. Maple veneer, washi paper and jute cord are affixed to the grid using their respective properties, giving each lamp a distinct appearance and quality of light.

Made for the exhibition Slanted/Enchanted at Erin Stump Projects, Toronto Canada.

Photos - Sean Davidson